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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is quite a common surgical procedure. In this procedure some part of gingival tissue or bone or both over a tooth surface is removed to make a tooth look long.


When it is recommended?


It is considered as a part of restorative treatment of a tooth. Whenever sufficient amount of tooth structure is not present above gingival (gums) tissue to support a restoration or a crown, the crown lengthening is performed.

It is also performed when a toot get fracture at the gingival tissue level. It is also performed for the treatment of the gummy smile.


How it is performed?


It is performed under local anesthesia. The length of the procedure depends on the number of teeth which require this procedure. A cut is made in the gingival tissue to pull tissue away from the tooth surface. Thereby exposing underlying tooth surface or bony tissue. This allows the tissues to be reshaped gradually.

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