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Gum Surgery

Gum surgery or periodontal surgery are performed to treat certain gum diseases and conditions, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.


Why gum surgery is performed?

It is performed for various reasons:

Prevention of the tooth loss

Reducing the gap present between teeth which also known as black triangles

Eliminating residual bacteria or infection left after non-surgical procedures

Reshaping of the jaw bone

Regenerating damaged bone and periodontal tissue.


Types of gum surgeries



Periodontal flap surgery

Bone grafting

Guided tissue regeneration

Guided bone regeneration

Tissue grafting


How gum surgery is performed?

Almost all type of gum surgeries are performed under local anesthesia. Gum surgeries are usually performed after scaling and root planning has been performed. According to type of gum surgery being performed first infected tissue is removed followed by tissue graft if required is placed around the tooth which s being treated.

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