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Painless tooth extraction

No matter what is your age, a tooth extraction can make you a little worried. At JH dental care, we work hard to ensure that everyone is at ease during your child’s extraction. We want to ensure that both your child and you are prepared for the tooth extraction process. We’ll never put your child through this procedure unless absolutely necessary.

Our top priority is to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable during the treatment. We’ve also outfitted our office with amenities to help your child relax such as toys, books, blankets, WiFi, and refreshments.

Why deciduous teeth need to be extracted?

Badly carious cannot be restored.

Over retained primary teeth preventing eruption of permanent successor.

Infection of periapical area cannot be treated without extraction.

For orthodontic purpose.

Supernumerary teeth if not needed in dental arch.

In traumatic injury to teeth if vertical fracture occur.

Ankylosed primary teeth that have permanent successor and fails to exfoliate normally.

Impacted teeth.

Ectopically positioned cannot be brought into function.

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