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Sinus lift surgery

Sinus lift surgery or maxillary sinus floor augmentation or sinus graft or sinus procedure is a type of surgical procedure to increase the amount of bone in the posterior part of the maxilla specifically in the premolar and molar region.it is done by lift the sinus membrane (Schneiderian membrane). It can be performed by external or internal approach. It is performed under local anesthesia.


Why it is performed?

When premolar and molar in maxilla are lost due to any reason the alveolar process begins to remodel itself. The tooth socket space collapses as it heals leaving behind edentulous area. This causes loss of both height and width of the surrounding bone. Plus due to tooth loss the maxillary sinus expands further thereby diminishing the thickness of the underlying maxillary bone. To replace the lost teeth with dental implants sinus membrane has to lift above followed by bone graft.


When is sinus lift surgery performed?

There are various indications of the sinus lift surgery:

Patient who has lost more than one tooth in the posterior maxilla

There is significant loss of bone

When teeth are missing due to some developmental disturbance

When multiple dental implants are to be placed

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