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Space maintenance

If tooth are lost soon in kids due to decay or trauma it is important to maintain the space created. If this space is not maintained properly it can lead to space loss which affects the eruption of permanent teeth. Without the use of a space maintainer, the teeth that surround the open space can shift, impeding the permanent tooth’s eruption. When that happens, the need for orthodontic treatment may become greater.


Types and indications

Space maintainers can be made of stainless steel and/or plastic (resin) and they can also be removable and fixed. As aforementioned, the use of space maintainers is indicated in case of premature loss of primary dentition when concern exists as regards the proper development and alignment of the newly growing dentition. Each type of space maintainers is indicated in specific situations. For example, bands and loops are ideal in cases of early loss of a deciduous second molar specifically when the permanent first molar has erupted.

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