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In dentistry, splinting or stabilization refers to tying of teeth together either unilaterally or bilaterally to increased the stability of the entire unit. It allows the weakened teeth to be supported by neighboring teeth. This procedure can make oral hygiene procedure difficult.

There of two main types

Temporary splinting (2-6 months)           Intra-coronal splinting

Extra-coronal splinting

Permanent splinting


Intra-coronal splinting: In this type of splinting a small channel is made in adjacent teeth, then a rigid custom made metal splint is cemented with help of composite resin to stabilize the teeth.

Extra-coronal splinting: In this type of splinting, splinting material are attached to a group of teeth with the help of the bonding to the enamel and thus stabilizing the teeth.


Permanent splinting: Permanent splinting can also be further divided into removable and fixed type. In removable type of splinting overdenture, swing lock devices or continuous clasp devices are used. While in fixed type of splinting full coverage crowns, three-fourth coverage crowns, inlays, post in root canal treated teeth or horizontal pin splints are used for stabilization of the teeth

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