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Extraction site preservation

Whenever a tooth is extracted whether it is an impacted wisdom tooth or a severely decayed tooth, a small dead space is left behind. The extracted tooth socket can be very sensitive, which is we recommend socket preservation to go along with your extraction.


Why extraction site preservation is important?

Dry socket: It is one of the most important reason behind extraction site preservation. It helps in avoiding development of a dry socket. It is caused by the dislodgement of the clot from healing area which can expose the nerve present beneath the extraction site. Extraction site preservation also helps in preserving the alveolar ridge.


How extraction site preservation is undertaken?

Extraction socket can be preserved by placing a bone graft into the socket. The bone graft can be synthetic or human bone or bone from other animals (like cows). After placing the graft the site is covered by collagen membrane and the site is sutured.

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